Alcatraz Challenge Swim
Work On Terra Nova Pool To Start June 30th

Aquathlon, Swim only, or Relay - Help & Make Money Too !!
Contract Awarded To Palo Alto Pool Company

1½ Mile Swim Then 7½ Mile Run Over Golden Gate Bridge
Swimming into San Francisco from Alcatraz has been popular ever since they put a prison on the rock, although few succeeded until people
Starting From Crissy Field Swimmers Head For Alcatraz
such as Alcatraz Joe Oakes and his cobbers, Gary Emich and Sue Free, institutionalized it by establishing annual swimming challenge events that attract swimmers from around the world.

Sunday, July 6, 2003, 8.00 a.m., more than 300 of the hardiest souls will gather to swim from Alcatraz to Crissy Field in the Presidio, then (if you're running, too) run over the Golden Gate Bridge and return.
Organizer Gary Emich
Has Swum To Alcatraz
161 Times

Competitors can swim only, swim-run, or form a relay team (one swim, one run). This will be the 23rd annual running of this extremely challenging event, but doable. Swimmers will run into strong currents, chop, cold water(water temp. 59-60 deg F).and of course wetsuits are permitted. Last year, organizers stressed, "No Anal Triathletes". But is certain that, if you are an anal triathlete, but if you promise to chill, dude, then you'll probably get a start.

Event Organizer, Gary Emich (a major donor to the TNHS Save Our Pool Swimathon)has offered to donate $25 to Terra Nova Aquatics for every TNHS Swimmer or Water Polo player that volunteers to work the event. He needs 28 volunteers, and is hoping the TNHS can supply at least 15 of them. If you want more information or want to volunteer, email who is the Chairperson from Friends Of Terra Nova Aquatics Programs that is leading the volunteer effort. Volunteers must be at Crissy field at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 6th, the day of the meet. For a list of the volunteer jobs that are open, click here!.

Blue Water Pools of Palo Alto To Remodel TNHS Pool

The Terra Nova High School Swimming pool
is all set to get a much needed update. Threatened with closure for failing to meet County Health Department Safety Standards, Jefferson Union High School District agreed to bring the pool up to current standards with Friends of Terra Nova Aquatics Programs agreeing to pay $10,000 of the repair costs.

The Work to be done includes re-plastering and retiling the entire pool. Blue Water Pools will also be installing colored tiles inset on the sides of the pool per the NCAA water polo rules this will consist of a set of red tiles at end of the 76 length at 2 meters from the end, a set of yellow tiles at 4 meters from the end, and a set of green tiles 7 meters from the ends. Additionally there will be a white set of tiles at the mid-point of the pool. Other work includes replacing the 18 tile splash around the inside top of the pool.

The process requires that the pool be completely drained multigyn actigel, all of the tile and plaster be stripped down to the gunite, and then they can start to replaster and install the new tile. It's going to be a tight schedule to get everything ready in time for the first water polo opening season practices which are scheduled for August 18th, 2003. JUHSD Pool Maintenance Supervisor Eric Saxon intends to keep a close eye on the project to make sure that it is done right and on time.