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About Us

What We Are
We are a collection of Terra Nova parents and Pacifica business people committed to seeing that Pacifica provides the necessary programs and facilities to nourish and encourage Pacifica youth with an alternative sports program, that encourage self-discipline, team interaction, and takes advantage of the aquatics environment in which we live.

Our Charter
Our sole purpose is to raise funds for Terra Nova Aquatics Programs, and to establish a long term "asset replacement and maintenance fund" for the Terra Nova High School aquatics facilities, including the swimming pool and associated equipment. Everyone involved in FOTNAP is a volunteer, and the Corporate charter forbids that any salaries be paid to any individuals that are either board members or Officers of the corporation.

Our Goal
Recognizing that this is our first year in existence, we are setting an aggressive but realizable goal of raising $20,000 for the Terra Nova Aquatics program. We hope to increase this amount every year by at least 20%, and we hope to start a fund for a new pool that would allow us to replace the pool within the next 5 years.

How You Can Help
The merchandise that we sell on these pages is sold well below what you would pay in a retail store. We buy in team quantities, therefore we save money. Any profit that we make goes towards the Terra Nova High School Aquatics program, directly. Your purchase not only saves you money, it helps the team as well!
You can also join Friends of Terra Nova Programs (FOTNAP) and/or make donations in the online store.


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