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Trying To Keep Up With The News - The Speed Of The Internet Is Slowed By Insufficient Time
Here we are, facing into a new water polo (TIGERPOLO) season, and going into the beginning of the second year of this website. As much as I want to keep the site up-to-date, my real world responsibilities interfere with that desire at times. I'm hoping that during this upcoming fall season, I will get some help in the form of articles and items of interest for the web site. If there are any "budding young webmasters" that want to learn how to keep up a sophisticated website, contact me, I want help! (email )

www.TIGERPOLO.COM is striving to be the "source" for information related to any thing to do with aquatic sports as they are participated in by Terra Novan's. We are looking to cooperate with other local programs and to get some guest writer's for articles. If you're interested in contributing, please send me and email .

Stuff on My Mind
Problems, Problems, Opportunities
As we approach the fall TIGERPOLO season, several items rear there heads once again as "opportunities" to be solved.

We need parents to drive the kids to their awasy meets as we still have insufficient funds to have our own busses. If you have a 6+ passenger vehicle and want to help the team and get in free to the meets (these are really exciting meets to watch) please call Larry or Linda Jones, the transportation coordinators at 650-359-4809 or email Larry at

When we travel to other schools, we need healthy snacks for our team members. Bottled water, energy bars and peanut butter jelly sandwiches are excellent. If you want to "sponsor" a specific meet, please call Cheryl Chase at 650-359-0387 and she will gladly help you get ready for a specific meet.

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How Come I Can't See All Of the Pictures?
Many of our visitors use AOL and the AOL browser to view the website. When we first launched the site, we were unaware of how slowly AOL loads pictures, particularly when its a high traffic time like after dinner. The new site design should help with this to some extent, but a better solution on your end would be to use Internet Explorer to view websites. Once you have connected to AOL for your dial-up account, you can minimize the AOL window and open Internet Explorer. Just type in the address window and watch how fast we load. In the future, we will be offering a local service that should be cheaper than AOL and much faster. Check back for updates on this.

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