TIGERPOLO is Staffed by Volunteers

Terra Nova Aquatics Programs are supported completely through donated funds and contributed labor. Coaches, Managers and support staff are volunteers, choosing to make a commitment to providing aquatic sports opportunites to High School Students interested in water sports.

The Terra Nova High School Aquatics Program and TIGERPOLO need help for the meets and tournaments. Here's a partial list of ways you could volunteer that directly benefit the program.
  • Drive Kids to the Games and Meets
  • Work the Snack Booth
  • Sell and Collect Tickets for the Home Games
  • Bring Healthy Snacks for The Teams
  • Help With Fund Raising
  • Sell Advertising for the TIGERPOLO Website
  • Work the Fundraising Activities, Like the Fireworks Stand

We also need help with providing interesting articles and stories for the website, people to take videos of the meets and can always use more pictures of the kids doing there thing!

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