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Four Weeks and Counting !

"Time To Reach For The Best In Yourself"

"Difficult Things Become Easier With Practice" 

All Swimmers and Parents of Swimmers 
“The Rest Of The Season Starts Tomorrow” I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Coach Ben Umbreit to our Tiger Swim Team. Coach "Ben" is an experienced swimmer and an outstanding coach, that can really help are already talented team accomplish even greater achievement. Coach Ben and I are happy to be coaching the TN swim team. To quote Coach Ben, "TN has some serious talent on their squad." The chemistry and energy of the team is wonderful. We would like to continue the great tradition of swimming at Terra Nova High School. My sisters all swam at TN and I know the legacy.

It's Cool To Be Leaders, But ..... Everyone of our competitors is aiming at us, and will try hard to overtake our outstanding performance that we have had so far this season. Now is the time to work harder than ever, and the competition that we face in the next couple of weeks is going to be very strong. I expect all of you to come to every practice and work to improve your personal best. One of the really neat things about swimming is that you can measure your improvement by your times. If everyone of you works on improving your performance, we will all be winners. It is important for us to stay focused to be victorious in the next few weeks

New Mandatory Practice Rules We have dropped the morning practice for the rest of this season, but we are adding a Saturday morning practice. Hopefully this will provide an opportunity for those of you that have to miss a practice during the week to take care of other business. With the addition of the Saturday morning practice, we are going to require that all swimmers get to five practices every week for them to be eligible to participate in the meets the following week. No practice, No meet!. Swimmers that have legitimate needs, such as doctors appointments will be excused with a written note of explanation.

Roseville Invitational We have cancelled the Roseville Invitational, but I would like to plan a Tiger Swim Social event for the end of our regular season, where all of us can participate and enjoy the team spirit and sportsmanship that have bound us together this season. Suggestions are welcome, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

Swim-a-thon Friday we will have an "Official Recognition" of those team-members that worked so hard to make this year's Swimathon" the great success that it has become. Athletic Director and Head Coach Bill Gray will present the awards on Friday, April 19th, at 4:30 on the pool deck -- we encourage parents to attend - this is an important moment of recognition as it signifies the extra effort that so many of these kids have gone to, making our team the success that it is.

Thanks for your support

Coach Scatena & Coach Ben

Motto of the week: "Dura Usu Molliora"  --   "Difficult Things Become Easier With Practice"