From the Coach's Desk

The Games Have Begun -
And We Are A Force To Reckon With!

"At The Midpoint!"

"We Are A Team Of Muscle, Speed, And Sprit! - We Are Tigerpolo!" 

All Swimmers and Parents of Swimmers 
Dear Team

We are half way through the season and all of the hard work you put forth into practice is paying off. We have a great record. Next week we start another round with PAL Ocean teams. Bruce and I are very confident you all will be playing your best and the scoreboard will prove it. We are proud of you all for never giving up and giving 100% at practice. All we can ask is keep it up.

I had great time swimming with you all on Friday. The tradition of the Swim-a-thon is vital to our survival. I am looking forward to next year and taking on Megan Crossfield, who swam 310 laps. I don’t think she ever stopped. Go, Megan! Without our fundraising and our craziness to swim as many laps in 3 hours as we can, our team wouldn’t have all the nice equipment around deck. Remember we are doing this for a reason. It is mandatory you turn in you pledges, ASAP.

A couple of you have come up to me and asked about an end of the year dinner. I am all for it. I have started looking into reserving a cordes bpo 5% to have a little get together and celebrate our awesome season. There have been suggestions of having a potluck and/or barque. I will keep you updated.

Well, Tigers eat your veggies; drink lots water, and gear up to play hard. It is time to show Carlmont, Woodside, Hillsdale, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, and Mills what we are made of. A whole lot of muscle, speed, and sprit!

Coach Kafka 650-738-0698

Motto of the week:
Work Hard, Play Hard